The US President’s Limousines Abroad

A US Presidential limousine in India (Photo: Paul Morse / White House)

I once got into a conversation with a friend about how the President of the United States travels outside of Washington. My friend seemed to think that a limousine company was hired for the president when he traveled. This is not the case, as any keen observer will tell you. Whether in Iowa or India, the US President is driven in a US Secret Service limousine or SUV with Washington, DC plates. These vehicles are heavily armored and custom made to US specifications. The Secret Service would never allow the president to travel in anything that wasn’t heavily armored. So how do they transport the vehicles to all parts of the world? The vehicles are sent ahead of any presidential trip on a C-17 Globemaster of C-5 Galaxy. In fact, all kinds of assets are sent ahead of the president including VH-60N helicopters to serve as Marine One. Continue reading